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Model of The Month

One lady of the millions. How does she care for her hair? What kind of hairstyle does she like, and why? What is her experience about what other people think of her hair? What hairstyles has she experimented with until now? What are her plans?
Every 2-3 months a different model tells us all she thinks others could benefit of this theme.
In this menu-point the high-resolution photos are available for everyone, not only for clubmembers.


"The sun is shining through the canopy of trees, and glints on the cascade of hair. Light breeze is passing through the long locks, and the girl suddenly turns back. Her hair playfully follows the smiling face, smell of flowers is spreading in the air."
A beautiful image, isn't it? It could fit into any shampoo ad or girls' novel. You feel strong desire to grow your hair, because solely its natural beauty is enough to enchant everyone. But let's look at another scene.
"Her sloppy hair, arranged in the usual ponytail, hangs flat on her back, as she is squeezing through the crowd. The tired, heavy locks are pressed sadly by the raincoat, angry at the grey clouds and the whole world. The gorgeous hairdos in the magazines are all for nothing, if the know-how, the strength of arms, what's more, the dedication to create extravagant braids are missing. The huge mop indeed brings dissatisfaction, aching scalp and endless hairwashing seanses. If only it would end!"
This scene is not nearly so heartwarming, is it? But it is closer to reality. I can confirm this. So when I cut my husband's hair on a midsummer day, the unavoidable envy struck me: I want short hair, too. With which going to pool is easier, much treating is not necessary, and life is simply more comfortable. So I jumped in. I mean not me, but the hairdresser, and not into my hair, but into the action. Who cares about half a meter of hair? And what a bombastic decision it was! Yes, long hair is beautiful, if somebody is willing to afford for it. On the other hand, short hair is fabulous even if you don't do anything with it, at all. Hair washing doesn't take more than 10 minutes, including blow-drying. Bye-bye lost kilometer-long hairs, the comb has rather become an ornament. I love being always adequate, and I would never do it back. Somebody will surely be happy with my ponytail, and I'm happy without. What a win-win situation!