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asymmetric at the hairdresser's black blond blow-dry braid brown bun clipper cut curly extravagant extreme funny hair washing highlighted long hair long-to-short haircut permed red short hair slideshow straight vote wavy wet hair


Dear Visitor,

welcome to our homepage! If you’ve already popped in to us, you surely know, if you haven’t yet, you’ll see, that we’re constantly working to present here something new, beautiful and interesting for you. Our site is 16 years old this year, with more than 75 models and nearly 20000 photos. You must know, that you’re on a hobby page, models are non-professionals, photos are only minimally processed, and besides works of professional hairdressers also those of amateurs get publicity. Within these frames we’re trying to maintain high-standard, so that you return regularly to search among the photos of the ”Browser” and the ”Choice”, and first of all to check in the ”Models” section if we have a new model or someone appears again from among the previous ones. We intend to keep updating a few times every month. You can get an overview about the uploads below. We hope you’ll enjoy the page! Your ideas and opinion are welcome!

Last update: 03 Sep 2023


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