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Let It Grow!

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You surely know the type who on the excuse of a small trim - just because of the split ends - has more cut than what has grown.
Then, there is the great truth that most men will never understand: if a woman has some problem, or just has got out of the bed on the wrong side, she would not think the least or bother about anything, should that be God or man, objective or promise, she just pops into the hairdresser's, and...
If you've recognised yourself, we only ask one thing: before you do something irreversible, sit down and please watch a comedy, pour out your heart to somebody or have a great sleep! Perhaps next day you won't feel that the necessery changes of your life should be started with throwing away your perseverance and patience!


35. ( DÓRA )

November 2014

December 2017
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44. ( HAJNI )

January 2010

December 2010

July 2011

May 2013
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47. ( JOHANNA )

July 2016

November 2017
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62. ( EDINA )

November 2014

December 2015

November 2017
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64. ( EVELIN )

September 2015

July 2016

August 2017
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