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Model of The Month

One lady of the millions. How does she care for her hair? What kind of hairstyle does she like, and why? What is her experience about what other people think of her hair? What hairstyles has she experimented with until now? What are her plans?
Every 2-3 months a different model tells us all she thinks others could benefit of this theme.
In this menu-point the high-resolution photos are available for everyone, not only for clubmembers.


"For me - as for every woman - haircut brings a change. I like my hair, I grow and care for it, then suddenly I feel the need of a greater makeover. In such cases a drastic haircutting does me good. It is different from a slimming diet, the result of which is not seen for weeks. Instead, you can not make this decision undone, it shows immediate transformation, as if you sent out a message: Hello world, I have taken the control into my hands, I am changing everything. I do not want to say that everyone should get rid of her beautiful canopy of hair. I only enjoy the advantages and suffer the disadvantages of short hair, and to be honest, it is quite easy to tie long hair, while short must always be blow-dried to form. So then, I start growing my hair again with love."