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Model of The Month

One lady of the millions. How does she care for her hair? What kind of hairstyle does she like, and why? What is her experience about what other people think of her hair? What hairstyles has she experimented with until now? What are her plans?
Every 2-3 months a different model tells us all she thinks others could benefit of this theme.
In this menu-point the high-resolution photos are available for everyone, not only for clubmembers.


"I do not care too much about my hair, that is why it is more convenient to have it short, as in this case it does not need any styling. However, I really like my hair long, too, because then many praise it, and hairdos can be varied easily. As I like both lengths, I often toy with - and realise - the idea of growing and cutting. Unfortunately it has limitations due to the long time of growing. The funniest would be to cut and style it every day, just for the excitement of change. I love my hair when it is blowdried, because then it is velvety, and I can run my fingers through it. I am fond of doing it for hours. Hopefully we will move to a detached house soon, where I will surely do gardening, as it can be seen in my pictures."