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Model of The Month

One lady of the millions. How does she care for her hair? What kind of hairstyle does she like, and why? What is her experience about what other people think of her hair? What hairstyles has she experimented with until now? What are her plans?
Every 2-3 months a different model tells us all she thinks others could benefit of this theme.
In this menu-point the high-resolution photos are available for everyone, not only for clubmembers.


"My thin, straight, but dense hair is quite difficult to treat. Similarly to others with straight hair, I wish I had curly locks. My hair is unsuited for this. Neither curling, nor tongs can create locks lasting more than an hour. It has been permed, as well, but it was neither beautiful, nor permanent.
I’ve already been plum red, black and the present brown-blond ombre. I regard my original hair colour too monotonous and boring. The colour comes from my actual lifestyle and mood. I’ve never imagined that once I would have blondish hair, but now I’m closer and closer to it. And I like it!
Usually I get a kick-start and decide on a new style, colour or length. So it happened on a hot summer day that my butt-length hair became only a few centimetres. I had short, somewhat French-inspired hair for years. I loved that I could wash and dry it in only 10 minutes. I’m fond of brave styles, like the recent asymmetric one, although I don’t dare to try all of them."